Leaving Namibia

After a 15 day long trip, we fly out and return to the States today. Above is a photo from our last excursion yesterday before packing up -- some desert exploration on the Team OFE quads! Ruby, my young OFE'er in training, and I took an amazing 4 hour sand dune desert ride.

I remember first dreaming about visiting the dunes in the 7th Grade, I saw a picture in Ms. Carters class. I didn't get to realize this dream until 1996 when I first went to Namibia, but I made it, and I've been coming here every year since then. I also remember setting a goal for myself in Ms. Carters class to visit and photograph all of the major dunes of the world. Still chasing that dream - but I'm getting there slowly!

We were very fortunate on this trip to see a good amount of wildlife. I still can't get over the giraffes -- discovered a full grown giraffe has a 30 lb heart! It must take a lot of muscle to pump blood up the neck to the head. We ran into the sidewinder pictured below several days ago driving through the desert. He was hiding under the sand to keep cool - but as soon as he sensed we were near he took off. I snapped this frame just before he disappeared.

Anyways - that's it for me today. About to board a plane that I'll be on until tomorrow morning -- see you on the next expedition!

Over and Out,

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A Bunch of BS said...

Scott, not too many can claim to know the infamous Ms. Carter from 7th grade...hope you share these outstanding photos and thoughts with her...old teachers love to hear that stuff!!! Love seeing your work! Betsy Starman