Flying Out

Sad to be leaving the Land Rover -- but she will sit happily waiting till our return to take us on our next odyssey. Just flew from Johannesburg to Frankfurt - where I spent 5 hours at the airpot. Didn't really get a chance to brush up my German - darn! Atleast our flight here had some nice wine and dough!
Maybe it was the wine, but I always have such wacky dreams when sleeping on airplanes. They all go so many great places, and when I wake up still on a the plane, I forget where I'm going, which is a funny feeling. It takes a few minutes to get my bearings, I have to say to myself "Ok, now where was I going?" In the dream I had on the last flight I saw my beautiful dog Luna. She and I were sitting at my house watching birds outside of the window.

I'll make that a reality when I get home -- but first, I have to stop off in New York for a meeting with the DT man himself, Trump.
See you soon!

Over and Out,

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