OFE: Samoa / Episode 1 "The Dive"

Greetings from Team OFE!
Today we unveil a new ongoing project in conjunction with this blog -- an episodic video series that chronicles the adventures of Scott and his Team. It is our hope as a team to try to bring you new episodes every other week.

Today we bring you Episode One -- "The Dive"
In this episode Scott and his crew suit up in their scuba gear to explore the ocean depths. Filming underwater is a very intricate procedure. The team is faced with many obstacles such as ensuring the camera housing is leak proof, and keeping a steady and correct pressure level. Everything really pays off well for the team, as is proved by the footage taken from the depths. Special thanks to our crew in Samoa for their great help and company on this expedition!

Join us soon on the next episode as Scott and crew explore one of Samoa's largest natural craters.

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