OFE: Guest Post

Here are a few photos from our recent trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. Scott, Diana, Ruby and I drove out in about 12 hours. Not too bad door to door! We also ran into Diana's HS friend Debbie & her fiance Kevin -- This month was the first time I have been back to Breck in 16 yrs; it's been even longer since I’ve boarded with Duncan! It really is like riding a bike, boarding came back so fast. The Rockies are so beautiful anytime of year but with great friends and positive energy, this is a great start to a great year.

Thank you Duncan's!

Jeff Davis


Safety Expert/Deck Hand


joe pyle said...


nice shots. you're the safety expert? o-f-e is in serious trouble!


Stewart said...

Great guest host, and a great trip too!! -Trae