Amazing CGI

Normally, I would never put something like this on the blog, but this was completely amazing. Below is a short movie that is completely CGI (computer generated images). CGI is something that most DPs both hate and fear. A poor CG job can completely crumble the foundation that was built by a DP on a project. That being said, this particular example does not have that problem. Made over the course of a year by ONE PERSON on their PC computer, this video is the most realistic CGI I've ever seen. Not only that, the movies creator, Alex Roman, seems to really have a photographic eye, as you can see a lot a very nicely composed shots throughout this piece. Very nice -- kind of scary though, if CGI really gets to this level, it could hurt cinematographers industry.

So take a look at this :

Don't believe it? Here's the breakdown in the computer of these graphics:

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Joe Pyle said...

Usually when someone says that they don't usually post something like this, or don't normally do that, or whatever, I am prone to disregard it. I watched this knowing the integrity of the o-f-e staff and that you guys don't post junk. I was and am blown away. This is truly incredible and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Whoa! That is pretty incredible!