Ruby's Birthday in Namibia

Celebrated my daughter Ruby's birthday today at the Onkoshi Lodge in Etosha National park.  The lodge is great and located right next to the amazing Etosha Pan.  The trip has been great so far - filled with wildlife, great weather and fun.  We've been spending much of our time traveling around in our Land Rover, a car we purchased back when we first started making the journey every year.  It's such an amazing vehicle - we've driven it over about 80,000 km of Africa over the years.  
But you still get flat tires sometimes, which is exactly what happened to us  a few days ago!  Right as I felt the tire going flat, I looked over and saw the PUSH + PULL TYRE REPAIR.  I usually change flats myself - but I figured I'd be lazy for once and let these guys earn a little money.  I love the name of this guys shop!  When traveling, I always tote three spares with me (one on the back and two on the roof).  I know this seems excessive, but once in Tanzania I actually had to use all three.  Three flats in two days out in the bush!

Keep coming back this week, now that I have access to the internet I'll be posting some things here and there from our trip.  Also - thanks for the helpful words on the crest - you've all earned yourself stickers and patches when they're finished!

Over and Out,


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ruby! Looks like you're having a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing you all when you return to the states :)

- Jane (your Willowwind partner!), Sara and Grant

Stewart said...

Hi Guys. HB Ruby! I deactivated my FB account - yay! See you soon. Trae