OFE Crest -- A Work in Progress

What does the OFE crest need?

Nothing! It's perfect!
An explosion of some sort
Sharks with Lasers on their heads
Both B and C

So here it is -- the Team OFE crest. It's been an ongoing process working on this baby, but we just want to make sure that this crest symbolizes and embodies just what our crew is all about. Once this design is completed, the plan is to get stickers and embroidered patches made for hats, sweatshirts, swimtrunks, wetsuits - the works. Now we're calling out to you, faithful blog readers, to tell us how we're doing. Vote on the poll - but more importantly leave comments telling us what you think!! We really want to hear from you!

What can we add to this thing to really take it to the next level?

Over and Out,


OtherFilmsExpeditions said...

Alright guys -- dig deep, I know you have some amazing insight to share...

Liam Campbell said...

I love it. Can totally see it being an awesome embroider badge. My thought was that to 'add' anything you'd have to take something away. There is a lot there. Maybe bc I'm Australian, I don't know, but it feels a little bit military/scout like. I understand this fits the whole expedition theme, but I feel like it might be missing that little bit of unpredictability, flair?, that brief moment in time that can only be captured by those who are patient or know how to find it, that little thing that doesn't seem to fit at first but then I realise something that I didn't before and I get it. Something a little out of the box. Ha! Abstract I know, just my two cents. I want one for my bike jacket :-)

Anonymous said...

keep the calimari!

Anonymous said...

neighbor here,
I am having trouble posting....I have had a few beers so I am trying to have fun.
Charging rhino behind Landrover?
jolly roger on ship?
compass rose? animals at the compass points?
I like the serial-ism/raiders look.

Anonymous said...

how about a camera? :)