Red Bull Signature Series - Show Open

My idea for the Red Bull open was multi-layered as I wanted to show not only the dynamic sports and athletes in motion; I wanted the viewer to be a part of it, take them on a little ride.

Prior to this experience, I thought I shot every sport possible.   The Signature Series provided me with a new perfect way to apply my diverse experience in filming sports, action and extreme expeditions and take it to a new level. 

The tools I use always have a special purpose – each camera or lens is there for me to express different parts of a whole piece.  Cinematically, film is my first love, for depth, and the power of light.   Landscapes still feel best on film as the deep richness with a layer of grain is unstoppable.

The Phantom is a magic box, revealing what our naked eye can't see.  The Alexa is my super favorite camera , simply just amazing.  Having a vast variety of frame rates maxing out at 120 fps makes it an integral to my kit these days.
Major gratitude goes to all of my team,  none of this is possible without them!

Peace, SD

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