Moscow - MGD spots

Moscow - In the surreal cold nights in February - I created a series of spots for MGD - global markets.

This spot is specifically for the Russian market. The challenge for me was to create energy and movement in the shots while at the same time, respecting Russian laws that do not allow advertisements for beer to feature people or transportation cars, buses, etc.

The story for the spot takes place as the sun falls and a night of fun begins. My goal was to make the most of that special quality of light when the sun quickly drops below the horizon and long shadows transition you from day to night. This moment is what sets up the story and leads to the evening of fun and magic. Technically speaking, I used the Arri Alexa once again - it was perfect for the night shoot.

I loved working in Moscow in the winter. Great creative, a great team of people working and so thankful for my super cold weather parka!  



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David Gomez Ng said...

Greetings from panama good work...