A new tool, the Arri Alexa -

My interest in the new Arri Alexa camera peaked about 6 months ago.   Initially I was hesitant to embrace another  digital camera but after renting it for a few jobs, I found it to be a perfect extension of my hands and eyes.  Just like my film cameras, this camera is totally intuitive and user friendly.    The Alexa may just tip the scales to digital for all work I would normally shoot with film.   There is beautiful latitude and magnificent depth  -  day or night, the whole thing is the perfect device to capture the feeling I want to convey. I can set up anywhere and I know the camera is going to give back a killer result.  



Alejandro U. said...

Yes, but what happens when more people get Epics?

Jon Van Allen- Gaffer said...

Scott Spears in Minneapolis owns two. He rents them through Cinequipt.
I have seen several examples of the footage from different sources. very nice indeed.
Love the beard Scott. But I don't think your lovely wife Diana does.
Keep in touch.