In the Moment

My friend, Michael Haldane of  FilmGroup Vancouver,  directed this piece about me when we worked together this winter in Vancouver.  It's  part of a larger body of work he is creating he calls,  In the Moment, about  different people he knows and a slice of a creative moment in their lifetime.   I can't wait to see more of these pieces as he makes them. I really dig the way the whole thing came together -- and I am very grateful to be a part of his work.

Here is a link to Michael's Vimeo page - http://vimeo.com/michaelhaldane

Enjoy the day,


Director: Michael Haldane
DP: Todd Duym
Editor: Tom Schachte
Music: The Flashbulb: Alone in a City

Colorist: Dermot Shane


Leandro Ekman said...

Very nice!

Stewart said...

Awesome, Scottie. Just awesome.