RISE Premiere

RISE, a film celebrating American figure skating while commemorating the 1961 U.S. World Figure Skating Team that perished in a plane crash on its way to the World Championships, is scheduled to premiere February 17, 2011. Truly an amazing piece to have had the opportunity to contribute to. Thanks again to Lisa Lax & Nancy Stern Winters at Lookalike Productions for letting me be a part of this film.

Check out www.rise1961.com for more info & to find showtimes near you.

Enjoy the day,


Jon Van Allen said...

Scott, as always, your work and attention to detail is incredible.
I was only able to see the trailer so far, but I can't wait to see the entire project.
I'm sure it would have looked even better if I were there.lol..
Best, Jon Van Allen

just kidding..

Sophie Kidian said...

Thank you Diane, I will check in Los Angeles to see where it is playing and GO! I will tell all my friends so we can make it an event that may change our lives too!
Thank you and I know it will be great if Scott was involved in it's creation.
Love to you all,

Stewart said...

Great job, Scott. You know my Mom was just jumping out of her seat when she saw this picture! I have a promotional poster for the movie that I got at an ice rink (while Andrew was playing hockey) and Mom wants you to autograph it.

Epic as usual.