Arctic Adventure

I love what I do, traveling, shooting, bringing stories to life -- I've been fortunate and so thankful for everything I get to experience. Once in a while, I get an opportunity to participate in something so intriguing, no matter how crazy things are in my work and life, I just can't say no... and have to squeeze in the time to go....

Last month I was invited to accompany Martha Stewart and a small group of scientists and wildlife experts who were traveling to Churchill, Canada, land of the polar bears. Martha is producing a show to share the experience and to bring attention to the lives of polar bears and the effects of global warming. Churchill is located at around the 60th parallel on the globe, far far away and very very cold.    

The global polar bear population is somewhere around 25,000 and the polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species. Warmer global temperatures, especially in places like Churchill, dramatically affect the bears' ability to find food. Bodies of water that are normally frozen pathways to hunting grounds are impassable as sea ice melts. Recent years of warmer temperatures have left polar bears stranded in towns like Churchill as they await the freeze. The team of people Martha assembled to go on this journey are dedicated to studying this occurrence and are hoping to find a solution for the survival of the polar bears. Martha's show airs on Hallmark channel on Monday, Dec 6 at 10am / 9C.

Here are some images I was able to capture on the trip.  Enjoy!


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