Riding Solo on the Freelance Train in Hollywood!

Hello Everyone!

We would like to send a special warm and fuzzy welcome to Los Angeles to Chris Vanderwall, a longtime Other Films Team Member. Chris graduated about 2 years ago from the University of Iowa Cinema Department and stayed on in our Iowa City office as a full time team member! Chris helped run the camera, editorial and photography departments for us. He's an amazing photographer, writer and researcher ... a true collaborator and team player. We purchased a RED camera package last year and Chris fully immersed himself in learning to be a RED Tech and RED work flow.

Chris moved to LA last week and his goal is to become a full time Cinematographer. At the moment, he is also available to AC. He's there now, he's doing it, and he's ready to work! Contact him chrisvanderwall@gmail.com / cell 319.325.0370.

Thank you, Chris! We enjoyed having you work with us and best wishes for a successful life journey in film and photography!

Chris took the slow way out --- driving across the country -- and here are some of his pix from the journey.

Over and Out,

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Stewart said...

Chris, we'll miss you here in Iowa. Best of luck to you on your career - you'll go far!! -Tracey