Italy Summer Tour

Hey Everyone,

We (Scott & Diana) took a trip to Italy in July to research and scout for a future project. Here's the disclaimer: Most of the journey Scott was OFF DUTY - in the camera department. This was a writing/research trip for him. Therefore, most of the pix were taken by me - so they may not have Scott's epic edge, but they were shot with a lot of AMORE! Our little rented VW Polo (turbo diesel) took us to Florence, and all around Tuscany - Val d'Orcia, Bagno Vignoni, Siena. It was all olives, castles, wine, and pasta.... intoxicating to wake up every day and just be Italian for a little while. Check out the slideshow & yes, Scott's bike box fit in the car - amazing those smart little cars have so much room. Ciao....

Over and Out,

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