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So we're beginning another new segment for this blog, that we'll run every now and again. Every so often, we'll invite friends and colleagues to post something on this blog. Whether it's a project you've been working on, a story, or some photographs it's all fair game. If you have something you'd like to post please contact us at chris@otherfilms.net

This week we bring you Ken Lefler. Kenny is a long time friend of Scott from Burlington, Iowa (and also an Iowa City transplant). The two grew up riding mountain bikes, a love they both have taken into adulthood -- Kenny so much so that he opened a bike shop in Burlington at one point.

Anyways -- here's Kenny with the anatomy of a recently posted photo:

I have been asked to do a guest blog post for the OFE site. My name is Ken Lefler, originally from beautiful Burlington Iowa and I have known Scott since he was just a little puppy. Back in the day he was a Skate Rat, at least that is what we called them back at the bike shop. He was a Skate Rat with a camera in his hand 90% of the time. He was also there at the true beginning of the mountain bike craze. I remember Scott was that guy that would ride down anything. We would be out riding the trails and see a killer down hill into gully with a stream at the bottom. Scott would line it up and drop into it. He was riding one of those old school Cannondales with the 24 inch rear wheel and a 26 inch front wheel. Strangely enough I borrowed that bike one night on Ragbrai and it got stolen before morning. Since I was the last guy to ride it, that didn't steal it, I felt pretty bad. This shot taken by none other than Scott Duncan, I am guessing around 1997 / 1998 featuring, center with the sweet Oakley Factory Pilots and porn star mustache, me Ken Lefler, Row two left to right, Forest Ghan, Ben (Neb) Clark, the perennial Burlington boy and camera guru, Newt Colburn, the now Iowa City food mogul Jack (hike up that skirt) Piper. Standing, a maybe 14 year old, now Pro Tour racer, Jason (I am faster then you are) McCartney and not to be forgotten, jumping in the back and taking the shot with an old school cable trigger Mr Scott Duncan. This shot was taken in the front yard of the YMCA in Burlington, Iowa. We had just gotten done riding the trails behind the Y. They were built years before by a group of renegade motorcycle dirt riders. We took them over as mountain bikes were working their way into the shops. That day Jack was lagging behind and Scott uttered those immortal works, "Come on Jack hike up that skirt and get up here". You guys all thought I killed all those brain cells didn't you? That day is as clear in my mind as yesterday. Sorry for the poor quality of the scan, it was scanned from a beat up piece of paper, back in those days we didn't have fancy paper and cool printer. This was pre-digital as well. Still very cool and one of my favorite shots. The only guy missing is Brian (I can ride a no handed wheeler) Hester.

Thanks Ken!

Over and Out,

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