OFE: Iowa Landscapes

It's that time of year again back in Iowa... the leaves are changing and the fields are ready for harvest. Luckily I had the chance to get out and capture some of this beautiful imagery.

Over and Out,


Stewart said...

Who would ever think a girl from New York would say "this is where I LIVE!" Great pictures, Cuz. -Trae

Ambar said...

These are beautiful! I'm working on a project at school creating a 'fake' website for the Silos andSmokestacks Heritage Program. I'm currently living in Seattle studying Graphic and Web Design (but I'm from the Cedar Falls and Ames area).

If I was interested in using one of these images-I'm wondering if that would be a possibility?

It wouldn't be on the internet as a live website-but could potentially be a portfolio piece I show clients : )