Now & Then

It's always a fun thing to go back into someone's archives to see the way they were, and how they've since changed. What's really cool about looking back on Scott's life, is that it doesn't take long to realize that his aspirations, dreams and ideals have stayed true for him through his adulthood.
A great example of this can be found in his motorcycles over the years. As a kid, Scott definitely dreamt of the day he could get a BMW motorcycle, and how it would take him everywhere, exploring distant places he'd never seen before. Over the years Scott has gone through a couple of BMW's, and they've taken him a many places -- across Africa, Central America, and the US to name a few.
These long bike adventures all have their own great stories, that no doubt you will read about at some point on this blog, but for now it's just nice to appreciate the passion Scott has had for these bikes for such a long period of time.

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