OFE at the Solon Beef Days

Looking back to earlier this summer -- some fun at the fair with my family. The fair, which is held every year in Solon Iowa, is called the Beef days. Along with a fun afternoon full of corn dogs, a parade, and carnival rides, I was able to get a bunch of decent photos to share with you all. Enjoy!

Over and Out,



This is amazing - combination of epic DUNCAN STYLE and Americana all wrapped into a nice slide shot... I want that 66 BUG!!!!

kassia scott said...

my first car in America was an orange 1966 beetle- awesome car! you should totally go back!

Alyssa Cabrera said...

What would life be like in Iowa without funnel cakes! Thank you Duncan’s for the line jumping and the yummy treat! You captured the heart of Iowa beautifully =)